Pilates For Your Life

Feel good again with this online video course

    Participate in all you love to do –
    completely pain free.
    Move with the joy and freedom of your youth again -
    Sit behind your desk or dance away the evening –
    without feeling that old injury.
    Have the peace of mind that your body supports your dreams –
    now AND 30 years from now.
    Don’t want to spend the second half of your life on the sidelines?
    I totally understand: You’ve cared, worked, worried, sustained injuries. In short: You’ve lived. But the last thing you want is physical discomfort or pain to slow you down and force you to say no to activities you love! You want to fully participate in life, NOT be the one slowing down the group with a stiff hip.
    Now it’s time to show your body some love.
    I’m offering you a no-brainer solution that is as simple as it is powerful:
    Strengthening your body and looking great can be as simple as adjusting the way you wash the dishes. I’ll show you how to tone your abs while you take out the garbage, stabilize your knees as you walk up the stairs and build strong arms while you weed your garden.
    The chances of you getting fit and flexible again are much greater by integrating awareness and gentle movement into daily life, then by you struggling with weights at the gym or wrecking your joints while jogging.
    Imagine coming home after a long car ride and instead of dropping on the couch (like some old fuddy duddy) you still feel eager to play with the dog and Feng Shui your house – wouldn’t that be priceless?
  • Boost your energy
  • Relieve back pain
  • Help you breathe freely and deeply
  • Make you look taller and leaner
  • Develop balance you can count on
  • Boost your confidence & sense of control
  • Keep you flexible
  • Help you relax and sleep better
  • Ready to admit that hanging out in a gym (pumping music, sweaty guys checking out hot chicks, you struggling away on the treadmill…) is not your dream scenario?
    Want to get fit & flexible by doing more of what you love?
    Then enroll now and learn the subtle shifts + body awareness
    you need to celebrate life even more.
    Special summer price:
    $47.00 USD
     through July 31st only
    (regular price $67)
    Instant access
    30-day money back guarantee 



So What's Pilates and.... Who are you?

Joseph Pilates developed his method of exercise over a hundred years ago based on the natural movement of animals and babies. His goal was to undo the damage of modern life (like sitting for long periods of time in front of your computer/I-pad or phone). To this day his method has helped thousands worldwide build stronger, more resilient bodies.
I’m Kristen Iuppenlatz Grech and in the 17 years I’ve been teaching Pilates, I’ve seen mind-blowing transformations. But also minor improvements can be life changing. Do you remember the time when you could make the bed without your back aching? Or get up from the floor without your knee protesting?
My biggest frustration is seeing people accept pain as an inevitable part of aging. It isn’t! Pain is a signal telling you something is out of alignment. I’ll help you tune into what your body needs and create a plan to alleviate complaints you thought were simply part of getting older.
It’s my goal to show you how to move like you were born to – free of pain, self expressed & joyful.
Can’t wait to experience the joy of an ache + complaint free life?
(if you don’t, I bet your spouse does!)
Then let’s have a look at the course!



Want to leave complaints like back, shoulder and knee pain behind and move with total ease? In Pilates for Your Life I’ll show you how to use movement to heal your body so you can live a pain free life.
Enroll now and you’ll receive…

Pilates Principles applied to
everyday life.

5 tutorials showing you basic Pilates concepts that’ll help you build strength, mobility and balance. 

Pilates in different environments

Five 30-minute Pilates Classes  including Pilates…  
-In the kitchen
-At your desk
-On the stairs,
-In your car
-In the garden

Building Blocks

A 12 step introduction to
the Pilates Method, a
toolkit for healthy movement.  

13 short videos to build mobility
and strength through bite-sized exercises that’ll make you feel energetic and flexible. 

Pilates Mat class for beginners.  

A 30 minute lesson that will lead you through the classical exercises. 


Bonus : Sign up now to get access to an exclusive webinar -
Pilates for your Feet (Value $50) 

Learn to build a strong foundation from the ground up, keep your feet strong, healthy and pain free for life!

I love to talk about integrating Pilates into your life!
If you have any questions about whether Pilates for your Life is right for you,
I'd love to chat with you about it, send an email to: kristen@pilateshomepractice.com

I'm so sure that Pilates integrated into your daily activities will help you feel good again that I'm offering an unconditional, NO-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.


"Helps me keep in touch with my body!

This is the first trip I've taken in over a year that I didn't have to make numerous stops to walk off the ache in my leg or back .  Doing pelvic tilts, activating the left leg by pressing into the floor, rolling my shoulders and toe tapping, etc. This was the most enjoyable trip I've had in a long time."

Karen Johnson
Champion dog trainer

"Practical ways to practice everyday.

Kristen's videos are clear, easy to understand and very accessible. I'm very busy and it's great to have ways to stay fit while doing the things I do anyway. Imagine doing Pilates while you are sitting at your desk or gardening or walking. I've changed my habits and my back feels so much better."

Dr. Paul Porter
Professor Sonoma State University